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Last Upload: 24. Okt 2004

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to the skin support page for theEQ plugin.

Here you can find various skins for the incredibly great and wonderful EQ plugin. There's also some patched source code on this site, including some new features and implementations.
The EQ plugin is a graphical equalizer for XMMS. You can find it at http://equ.sourceforge.net

Thanks to Felipe for this plugin. I really love it.

Skin support

Since version 0.5 skin support is included in EQ. You can download this release on the EQ homepage http://equ.sourceforge.net.

And of course there are skins on this site. Just click here to go to the download page and enjoy them.

In addition to this I've added some more features to the skins, e.g. a window shade mode as in xmms. You can find these patched sources here. The are now included in the official release, so please take a look at Felipes site. Some more details about the patched version can be found in the ChangeLog.

Have fun...

Simone Karin Lehmann

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